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neoandertals – diet of worms lyrics


for this, o dearly beloved, is the genuine girl: a cold body and beautiful
hair and blood and a c-nt.
here lies their love all cut, the young daughter in the dust
victim of primate l-st
slowly spewing pus

the carrion worms are holding a feast
craniums with barely some skin on them
the corpse as skinny as a skeleton
she is mighty pretty
touching gently her awesome body
all ribs under her skin revealed
just gorgeous
matching the grey bone structure of the walls
a woman’s death, perfected
the empty sh-ll is being torn and worn

tonguing through the maggots
hardly reaching her p-ssy
still wet from rot
you should lick that – not

br–sts taken with a blade
left to decay in a shallow grave
the remains cast into the cave river h-llish red
worms in ears
some graves the tropical jungle bears
over and over again

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