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neoandertals – funeral ejaculation lyrics


spitting back chewed c-m
sometimes losing a life can be fun

struggling for breath
no way out of her gloom
v-g-n-l fluids stuffed back into the mouth
mouthful of death
keen on torture
greeted by her humid tomb

forced to enjoy foreign s-m-n
seeing love she was never dreaming

dark emotions causing depression
fear of death not an option
an after-rape suicide is your wish?
only if your cadaver grants a cold kiss
tasty lips of the afterlife
weight loss due to starvation
to die through weakness

to die through weakness
murmuring the last cries of the dying
ebu gogo, they respectfully repeat the words said to them

moments before being gutted
d-mned be the human language
the language of forefathers
good teeth he’s proud of
chewing on the tasty cl-t

every gal smells different
the tongue of a child-like beast
blessing her with a last -rg-sm

joy between her legs
she was dead

her mind died a long time ago

taken every day and night
for their turn they kill and fight
the serial paedophiles
kings with knifes

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