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nightbringer – eater of the black lead lyrics


nexorable death! thine eminence above man is the very
countenance of the devil. i would make an altar of thine
aspect. i would speak thy true name with an act of
silence. i would come to be before thee by way of
stillness and the serpent eye, that i might know baptism
within thy waters. death is thy name, yet i name thee
god, for there is no other. to thee i give my body like
fodder to the grave and offer breath that hath become as
the serpent‟s hiss. i exhale from my mouth the flame of
an inner fire, the greater “i” becoming, and let my husk
be filled with the wine of the abyss. i am the child of
death and dreams who p-sses beyond death and dreams.
consummation with thy essence, i shall consume mine own
death until i hath become the conqueror of death, the
eater of the black lead. i am the lampadiphor within the
hidden chambers shinning with profound darkness. i am
within death and death is within me.

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