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nightbringer – via tortuosa lyrics


the perfected will of the sojourner of the serpent‟s path
is the will of lucifer crowned, triumphant. it is the
fulgurous diamond resplendent above the crowns of gods.
rapt in the burning catharsis of this enigma, feed all
fears and desires to the flames of a rising conflagration
of the soul, in a rite of self-immolation, a sacrament of
cleansing fire. the flesh is the furnace of sacrifice
that bathes the dark of the abyss in brilliant
illumination so that one may behold the very face of the
devil who in turn is god, who in turn is “i”, engendered
by naught but the radiance of the absolute. through the
successions of descending chambers, chase the shadow of
thy deific self through the sins of innumerable
tresp-sses. pit thyself against the black. let all
violations be devoid of revulsion and adoration that they
may conquer and seal the quintessence of their elemental
forces within the “i”. the evocation and possession of
all transgressions, sins and p-ssions is a means to claim
the serpent‟s tongue one‟s own, with which one might
proclaim “i am!” in fulmination before all pantheons. the
naked will of the perfected sorcerer is the anathema of
god, for the nimbus of immutable being engulfs all
divinities like a radiant inferno casting a deathly
shadow across the face of the world.

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