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nihil obstat – cranial scum lyrics


punish my way of life
cranial sc-m consuming me…
carried away by strong fellings
beating me… i had no choice
with morphology of a beast
s-d-stic hateful sc-m
resignation-sickness (anguish-doubts)
evading all my traps with movements like a serpent
billions of bugs devouring my guts circling in my head
confronting this facts that i can’t understand
i’m consuming in the inferno
cannot feel my being
is like a morphine that weakens my will
forcing to extinguish myself
the internal wish in pieces of sorrows
residues of an invincible undead force
the cranial sc-m hungry for my flesh
strikes of terror
i will see it in his form
opening the door to tortures and death
pain or pleasure
all that he will see
will be killed
it’s your last time of suffering
sickness legacy ends to the still breathing one

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