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noah briton – i know you do lyrics

turn me up tonight
turn me up x2

[verse 1]
i’ve seen them like her in the city of tulum
while the waves come in i’d make you laugh in my room
she’s blind finding love out here like she’s living in a tomb
no stress with us that’s why you call past noon
you ask if i want to talk more
i said don’t jump to conclusions like you’re parkour
broke your ex off
you want nothing hardcore
late night drives said to answer you at my door
typical us that’s par for the course
kiss you on the porch and i’m feeling like the source
you’re trying to off my vibe but there’s nothing to force
i’m trying to p-ss you girl like a course
and when i say p-ss you i mean find your love
hard for me to trust again unless it’s .gov
all these thoughts come out at midnight
and i can’t deny my actions last night don’t sit right
but i look past those convos
we mile high now like the broncos
but i ain’t ever been to denver
trying to lock your phone quick with me
i know you remember
went to the shuttle when you called me last september
now me and my day ones are glowing up no ember
knew it would all fall in place
funny how i forgot your voice but i miss your face

[verse 2]
small checks pray they getting bigger
chains on my chest with retro tommy hilfiger
her hearts cold like montreal she got the liquor
think i know her intentions but she knows mine quicker
i think she’s something like a physic
i used to hit your friends up on a sidekick
and it’s different now because i never got replied
but now i do and they play my songs beach side
yeah got to keep the team afloat
i’m drowning in my thoughts never mind what i wrote
because it’s probably still about you and the man i’ve become
what happened on those cold nights we drove home from
xoxo sincerely
our polaroid pics got you teary
even though you got a new man did you move on
or did you hide me in that smile that’s got you looking cheery
idc that means i don’t care
you used to say that alot to me when i wasn’t there
paid for air fare so i could clear my head
hit the library cop some books that i’ve never read
yeah i want to read fiction something like that
and i want a good girl that won’t fight that
so drop your pin and i’ll save that
i could be your world and i don’t just say that
i promise that you’re special
good morning beautiful’s are essential
small town girl coming from residential
keep us on the low for now with your friends it’s confidential



- noah briton lyrics

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