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nouns – soccer ball lyrics

‘you were a f-ck up when you were a kid. don’t you ever say a d-mn word about mine.’

‘n-body died and made you the king of the universe; who the f-ck cares what you think?’

while you were yelling at dad, i was thinking about how i was just like him; i chugged a bit of cough medicine, and found the time rift under my bed

i scr-ped my knees falling in
i hit my head against the pavement
i landed in our driveway
and there at my face
was a lonely soccerball

i shrugged and walked a few miles to my old school’s baseball field, and there was a kid there that looked just like me

he was sucking on sunflower seeds, and he didn’t look too happy
he says to me:

‘all my friends are taller than me, and everything i feel is low’

— jackson

- nouns lyrics

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