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oberion – eerie lyrics


and so it came
the occasion my heart so p-ssionately burns for
o’enchanted night descend upon us
so blissful thy presence are

the embrace of your starlit above renders my stolen life
oblivious to all but thy nocturnal delight

unaware of the dreadful future
no, this moment will never subside
(we went) deeper, deeper into the woods
in blissful ignorance of what to come, of what to come

something eclipses the moon
erases all shades of light
in vain we try to run beyond it’s reach
hand in hand
chased by these wrathful, majestic beasts

the ground trembles, the surrounding remains pitch-black
a malediction divine
they struck her down before me
seperating our flesh

i scattered her ashes in the northern winds
to set her free
cursed to walk the earth alone
till the end of this, this life

i was born into this world alone
and alone, i am now standing
so empty, a faint spectre of myself
i am no more