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obie trice – richard lyrics


(feat. eminem)

[obie trice]
statik selektah

[verse 1: obie trice]
o back around the corner
got the crack, put in your orders
we ’bout to run up out the stores
it’s notorious, the way i got big spitting stories
being me’s x-clan, vanglorious
we’re not your favorite, f-ck it
you know the system and you buck it
have you revisiting how you used to love it
a n-gg- spew through the music, acoustics, cool kid
used to pursue excuses, truth is, i was truent in school
so its influence is foolish, that was my views
i’m back at it, the rap addict, by any means
we gon get these stacks accurate, no skinny jeans
say he ain’t a star, n-gg-s might be right
i’m so regular, n-gg- gotta sh-t tonight
take it back selektah, let ‘em know it’s trice
put your seatbelts on, we gon’ ride tonight

[verse 2: eminem]
and i would like to introduce myse-self
surprise! hi, it’s ike
‘bout to get my ike on, i come with a life supply
of wife beaters and my nikes on
and a white tee over that iron mike
lookin’ fly tonight, feel like i might die from a spider bite
come back as spider-man, park my peter inside a dyk-
b-tch actin’ like she got f-ckin’ higher standards than meijer’s, right
had to pry her fingers off the motherf-ckin’ breyer’s ice cream
with the pliers, like “aahhh!”
only a ruthless b-st-rd would do this
take a toothles b-tch with no taste buds to ruth chris
give her toothpicks, stop on the way home
pick up two big bufords
girl, you got a nice pair, but you’re plum stupid!
so when i pull up in that benz
don’t try to pretend you ain’t interested
to impress your stupid -ss friends
and refuse to get in woman, and get slammed on the ground
and snap like a pool stick against cement
if you suck of d-ck, pretend it’s a musical instrument
you get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
i can tell at first glance you’re a ho
cause your pants are so tight
when you dance with o. trice, your implants explode
so cold to dyk-s, the chance is snow in san francisco
boy i’m from detroit city, you livin’ in animosity
that’s a f-cked up state to be in, such an atrocity
look where these random thoughts get me
in senseless mind babble, “what me? apologize? labrbrr”
that’s just the way the rhyme unravels
and i wouldn’t f-cking take it back if i time traveled!

[hook: eminem]
just call me richard, cause i’m a d-ck
it’s also richard cause i feel like you should
pry your f-cking mouth up off of it
i said just call me richard, cause i’m a d-ck
you ain’t gotta be no detective to figure out i’m a d-ck
when i hold my privates to your first clue
sherlock, pr-ck! just call me richard

[verse 3: obie trice]
that’s my motives, jumpin’ out them rovers
all white, like i was right up in the dakotas
or minnesota, did i mention soda?
when it’s mixed with viola, watch my cup runneth over
cut from a soldier
them ho n-gg-s disposable toaster
putting holes in a n-gg- getting close enough
being me till the credits roll
till my condition is beyond what the medics know
they wanna edit o
like a prosthetic third leg let it go
this is shady 1.0 em let ‘em know
i still profit through the process
the prize in my jeans my b-lls’ll never digress
i’m a d-ck that i brag about
i put it in fast and then i drag it out
world, i be your special friend see
cause these suckas suffer from pseudo p-n-s envy

[hook: eminem]