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obn dev – fake bin lyrics


can’t believe he bought a method i just scammed his stupid ass
i just bought a fake bin and i sent it to his groupie ass
i did a cash app money flip but i ain’t send no cash
b#tch im tryna get yo social i ain’t trippin on no ass
i just scammed a white nerd ass n#gga off of paypal
i just saw an opp n#gga out in public he said hey pay
if i see my old b#tch them ima strangle her with a towel
cause she wanna suck my d#ck i just mad her bow down
i just scammed a kid at chuck e cheese and i stole all his tickets
i dont want your phone number b#tch i want your credit card digits
i got banned on cash app i broke the transaction limit
you just got your paychect i just made that in 3 miniutes
ima catch him downtown and beat his ass with a shish kabob
i just scammed a dumb ass n#gga and his name sponge bob
i just f#cked an arab b#tch and she called me allah
i had to f#ck a couple times cause that p#ssy was the bomb
then he passed her straight to me and we just blew up chase bank
i just scammed a white weird b#tch her name ann frank
her boyfriend a body builder ima shoot him in his six pack
shot the n#gga 2 times now that n#gga got a four pack
right when she went to sleep i stole her ssn
and i just stole a rolle call me ben 10
and when she went in for a hug i stole her wallet
zoomed in and took a picture now i got her card and bin
you can call me the scammer im the scam man
and you can call me a baker im the bread man
and if hes batman just know that im robbin
you got more than 10 dollars in your pocket and im robbin
i just stole my friends ps4 and helped him look for it
i just stole my friends wallet now i gotta help him search for it
police knockin at the door i had to run they got a search warrant
i just scammed 2 n#ggas in miami i got two warrants
your boyfriend a lame you caught his ass in a bubble bath
i just scammed the same n#gga while he was in a bubble bath
my bank account six figures you can do the math
subsitute teacher sucked my d#ck in the same class
she wouldn’t let me cheat so i f#cking stole her pencil
she said she was gonna call my mom so i stabbed her with a utensil
i just beat a snotty nose kid with a spatula
my momma said did you beat a kid with a spatula (yes!)
your boyfriend used to chew on pencil shavings
your momma and your daddy broke you got zero savings
im in my great grandmas will i can’t wait till she die
i fell in love with this money when she die i ain’t cry
when my ex b#tch die ima p#ss on her grave
then i stole her credit card cause that b#tch ain’t behave
im at home swiping sh#t while you work like a slave
the b#tch wanna suck my d#ck so bad that she paid
i just scammed my ex b#tch and she slashed all my tires
i missed too much work came back and got fired
n#gga you a broke boy b#tch please retire
better come up out that house before we set it on fire
i just met spongebob and f#cked sandy cheeks
and i just scammed an old n#gga getting a tan on the beach
he ain’t tryna spend no money call that n#gga mr krabs
i was finna f#ck this b#tch but found out she had crabs
i was so h#rny nutted before i put it in
and my d#ck was too big i couldn’t even fit it in
my d#ck out slapped her so hard made her do a spin
i ain’t trippin on my ex cause i just nutted in her friend
i just took her on a date then i reached inside her purse
i ain’t tripping over my ex because you know i f#cked her first
i f#cked his b#tch then gave her back cause that p#ssy was the worst
and she opened up her legs and said d#mn is that (???)
im just waiting for the day that swike zaai get out the house
i just stole her information told that b#tch get out the house