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odd austin – ridiculous girl lyrics


do i turn you off?
yeah, of course you do
thought so

how ya doing’ gross lady?
toenails that ya clippin’ always drive me crazy
you always make those long stupid jokes
that never end wish you hadn’t spoke
cause i’m looking for a girl that when we go out at night
she doesn’t pick her nose with her steak knife
you’re not my type, you remind me of a guy
why don’t you know that it’s you i despise?
you’re gross and disgusting i just don’t get it
when we first kissed she through up some spinach
you think that we’re forever i fear
most romantic thing she’s said is ‘you gonna drink thatbeer?’
i’ll be thе first to admit you make me quite sick
whеn you walk in a room you get stuck in it
when running you lose breath after less then a minute

ridiculous girl, whatever you are
you are so fat you’re as big as my car
ridiculous girl, just want you to know
i really hate you you’re as big as a boat
ridiculous girl, just might eat me
you smell like cr+p and you’re always hungry
ridiculous girl, you love burger world
are you hungry?
roses are red, some burgers are pink
you never take a shower so you always stink
i can’t keep my eyes off of you
that’s only because your t++th are turning blue
personality is great buy your face looks weird
you look like lyle lovett, and you have beard
they call you beached, last name whale
ridiculous girl always looks pale
you’re a huge, huge girl who can handle herself
well at least half i’ll probably have to help
cause you never eat nothing for your health
you go to the buffet and everybody yells
not mention the fact you’re missing a toe
you rip your pants when you bend down low
you’re just stupid girl i wish you would go
slob is the girl that i take you for

ridiculous girl, i have to admit
that your bo smells like a frenchman’s armpit
ridiculous girl, something you could use
it’d help quite a bit and this thing is called perfume
ridiculous girl, won’t go away
i lost that bet so now i’m with her today
ridiculous girl, your stench makes me hurl
you’re a chubby
oh, your breath is k!lling me
man, your breath is k!lling me
uh, your breath is k!lling me
ue, your breath is k!lling me

in the morning your breath’s my alarm
stretch it out when you put my t+shirt on
puke when i see you with nothing on
you always clean out the restaurant
you ate sally struthers cause you are what you eat
girl you’re a freak you’re so disgusting
and like i said personality’s great
and you never ever pay the cable bill late
but its okay it’s alright
plenty of other flaws you can recognize
you never tell the truth and you always talk trash
and you’re even taller then kevin nash

ridiculous girl, i wish you were dead
not too fond of you as the three verses have said
ridiculous girl, lately you’ve been mad
just because i said that the dress made you look fat
ridiculous girl, you’re leaving me
i forgot that you were my everything
ridiculous girl, you were my whole word
i’m sorry!