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officialjmg – decline lyrics


[intro: jmg]
(f-ck it, ok)

[verse 1: jmg]
can’t touch the trifecta
even if you wanted to
people wanna reach out
acting like fools

and incorrect disses
dismissing my victims
it’s rippling

don’t f-ck with my district
or you gon’ be leaving pink
can’t bite my flow man
it’s distinct

lay out a mattress
for everyone sleeping on em
golden state warriors
yeah i’m sweeping on em

i don’t like rapping
i’m self conscious
lay up a teardrop
johnson & johnson

low key, no lofi
corey johnson
he on big dog status
action bronson

don’t give a f-ck if you
find it shocking
new 3geez
that’s the sh-t that i’m rocking

put a sock in it
shocking people like forks in sockets
hotter than houston
while everyone’s eating hot pockets

[bridge: jmg & (l.a.d) ]

b-tch! yuh
my worst sh-t better than your best sh-t. (facts)
aye, aye, aye, yuh
l.a.d b-tch, he gon freak b-tch

[verse 2: l.a.d]

i’ve been fighting
feel like i’m risking my life
i felt like crying
when put through all this dame strife

but who even needs a girl
who even needs a wife
who needs anyone
imma just press d-mn hard
on that decline

this is me time
cuz me, i’ve been feeling fine
i’m in my prime
i have no need for that feline

for a lifetime
i’ve wanted some spotlight
but looking back at it
i considered myself my own sunshine

i catch feelings like a sickness
it’s addictive, heart is twisted
but i had three crushes this week
can i list em?

i take that pain, throw it away
leave it for another day

leave it to rot, you’ve done a lot
that’s why i ranted a lot

i’m playing with fire
that’s what it feels like
love’s acquired
that’s what i thought right?

loves desired
not all the fish bite
but we get over it
so we can still fight

we can still never forget
that one night
i just never forget
that one night