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officialjmg – standing lyrics


[intro plays]

[verse 1: jmg & (colin mendoza)]

they said
“jakob we wanna know, what are your limits?”
i said, “nothing”, turned around
and made this beat in a minute


they asked me to body something
and i said “ok”
and i k!lled a couple tracks
pump faked, then k!lled a tape


they asked me to feature
i hijacked the beat, like a plane
and get more hype than a
rich white man on cocaine

rain rain
my souffle insane
they said “what do you gain?”
i said “i’m giving you plane” (ugh)


[instrumental break]

[verse 2: jmg & (colin mendoza)]

i don’t understand how
y’all lock up
trigger happy -sses
rolling your socks up

at the first sight of silence
you gotta -ssert dominance
but y’all motherf-ckers acting too tough
like you own provinces


he don’t wanna rest be
totally reckless see
a little jealous, she
wanna be getting me

first sight or line of intel
and he goes bat sh-t
it’s almost like his attacks
are secretly defenses

(beat change)

[verse 2: jmg]
there’s a difference between
you and me
you grew up on silver spoons
i grew up on silver streets

you ain’t worked for nothing
you’re mad that i stand for something
behind my back, you were stunting
acting macho and tough, and

you paranoid cuz you think i know
something so you hiding
still violence reeks inside and this is
how i lash out, alright?

so first off…..

f-ck you

out here talkin
such and such
careless as you walkin up
well life’s a f-cking uppercut

you don’t talk it all when i’m standing
right in front of you
you ain’t got no b-lls and now my
demons gotta follow you, so

imma keep dissing
until you f-cking fall
to your face, cuz i know that you
ain’t got b-lls

to act on sh-t you p-ssionless
b-st-rd having acid trip
let’s see if this batsh-t having -ss
can come back with some sh-t

you never went through
anything i went through, that’s a fact
so, don’t you kickback and laugh
without having all of the facts

you blackmailed women and lied to them
and we can’t save them now
you’re friends know the truth, that’s why they don’t
f-ck with you now

“i’ll bet you’re wondering if this is about you…. well it is…. so sit back and enjoy the fun…… b-tch”