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og mill – if my dreams came true lyrics


if dreams came true, i would be famous i would know how i became this everything would be precise i would shake gods hand an eat the biggest meal of my life no more eating outa a can. i would have money to give to the poor. give my best friend a door never have to ask for more h-ll id even join the marine corps, wouldn’t have to see my mother cry or see my friends die nothing id say would be a lie and when it all ends everyone would be by my side. i would see the light never again will i have to fight not wear gl-sses h-ll yeah.. perfect sight i would ignite all these flames so that everyone would see im bright wouldn’t have to miss my dad or commit a sin reunite with all my friends even see satin and god become together again. but until then ima do what i do best keep writing on paper with this pen. ill cry and sleep but i truly know deep down i’m unique