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oleta adams – picture you the way that i do lyrics


verse 1:
broken wander-er, you think you know you so well
it’s hard to move ahead, when your so down on yourself
take it easy, take a lesson from me
you’ll be all you’ve ever needed to be

verse 2:
love is simple, in its someone else
and you see all the things, you wish you’d found in yourself
just imagine, for a minute or two
you could picture you the way that i do

oh, i wish you were to love you the way that i do
oh, i wish you’d see the beauty that i see in you
i wish you could imagine a minute or two
that you could picture you the way that i do (x2)

verse 3:
your distracted, in your world of despair
broken hearted, convinced that n-body cares
your reflection is intented with grace
when the sunlight can’t fall upon your face

verse 4:
don’t be troubled, by the image you see
it’s out of focus (out of focus), unless your seeing through me
from where i’m standing, its the best point-of-view
see the underlying beauty in you

chorus (3x’s)

bridge (to fade):
if you could see you (see you)
i gotta see you (i gotta see you)
picture you like i do
(x’s 2)

if you believe in you like i do
picture you like i do
(see you, ah)