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olli banjo – pimp my rap (skit) lyrics


yeah, my name is x to the z
you’re on mtv pimp my rap
i got this german cat, from overseas, man
what’s your name?

[german rapper]
eh, my…

aight, aight, aight, hehe
let me hear some of your rap

[german rapper]
ok, ok ey yo, i’m from germany, yeah, yeah
aha, yeah, wait a minute, ich f-ck you up

ok, ok, o that’s your rap, right?
aight, aight
i think, your rap is kind of f-cked up
but don’t worry man
i’m gonna take you
to the boys of west-coats customs, man
aight, aight

[german rapper]
cool, cool, i’m so excited man
xzibit gonna pimp my rap, man
so geil

yeah man
we’re back
my name is x to the f-cking z, hehehe
and the boys from west-coast, man
they hooked you up

[german rapper]
yeah, we rockin’ that sh-t
i put my c-ck in a b-tch
i’ll be trumpin like spit
fire get you ticket
with xzibit
out of my mixtape
i made a hit fake

eh, eh, ok,ok…
give it up

[german raper]
yeah xzibit man
i’m so excited man
my rap sounds so much better man
yo xzibit, thanks for pimpin my rap, man