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oluwashalom – dear me lyrics


dear me, it’s amazing that after all you’ve been through
you are still here
that you stayed alive when we had thought you were dying
dear me, you remember how it felt to know
you were falling and god turned it all around
you thought you were dreaming
do you ever wonder how you got the strength to go on
when you thought it all would crumble in your face

yes it’s been a tough road
but his grace brought you here
you thought that it was over but for grace
yeah you got a long way
but his grace will take you there
so dear me
never forget how you got here
not all bout what you’ve done
so grace will take you there

dear me, don’t you see that there is a plan for you
and on your journey see the beauty of every curve, every turning
dear me, every single fight you thought you lost you were winning
and every single fall making you strong for your rising
trouble, they would only stay a while in the morning, joy
arise and greet the sunrise on your face

you find strength, strength to carry on
even when you’re out, he will take your hand
that’s grace that’s grace

grace grace god’s grace
grace grace will take you there

grace will take you there

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