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omekprism – still an ugly duckling lyrics


[intro: omekprism & bryan]
man i just
oh my god
can’t believe we made it
bro, me and bryan in chorus class watching hairspray
ay man
ay man i just got my greencard, happy to be here
greencard? bruh i just got my ebt
godd+mn bro, you lucky

[verse 1: omekprism]
ebt? oh i’m lucky
oh i’m lucky?
well you my trusty
matter fact, i’ll make you mine
i’ll make you my buddy
[verse 2: bryan]
oh you lucky?
man you yucky
matter fact, you extra yucky

[verse 3: omekprism]
oh man, bros back
he was p++ping, making yucky
i was hooping, making money

[verse 4: bryan]
got my greencard, nah thats a visa
paint you a picture, mona lisa
take a trip, to ibiza

[verse 5: omekprism]
he’s to ibiza? dang
i’m in the school bathroom l!cking a tile, a floor tile man
l!cking a floor tile
wash my hands with some soap, thats dial
next thing you know my hands get dirty again, thats vile

[chorus: omekprism & bryan]
im p++pin
im p++pin
im p++pin
im p++pin
next thing you know i’m hooping
like what are you doing?
omek and bryan the dynamic duo
hop onto strava and give me some kudos
[outro: omekprism & bryan]
ay, that is some heat bro
ay man, email me for a featurе