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omen – escape to nowhere lyrics


standing on a dark horizon
i can feel the flames inside
like the dawn it’s drawing near
i can feel it drawing near
it’s drawing near –
i hear the call of winds of war
how it rushes by
like the words in songs of wisdom
don’t you know that i feel the pain
i feel the pain
i feel the pain

and as i stand on stage tonight
and try to see beyond these lights
if i ventured, if i dared
would i find anybody there

for all my gods have gone insane
they see no evil, feel no pain
and all the hurts i have inside
are beyond their foolish pride

i never followed never led
and when they cut, i never bled
i never gambled, never lost
but only now i feel the cost
of blaming ghosts to watch
into reflections of myself
or am i doomed to walk these graves
or can the future still be saved
we’re all alone
we’re all alone
we’re all alone