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ominous.backpack – focus lyrics


verse 1:
complicated puzzled verses clearly wasn’t working
sophisticated subjects sadly just ain’t fucking worth it
biking with no hands handle bars keep jerkin
bursting out cursing, no reason like mommy
took the time, lean back, thought it out here’s johnny
it can get kinda scary when the flow goes zombie
yet still hits harder than the scent of ambercrombie
deaths note wrote that now i’m screaming out kami

verse 2:
perfection seeking demon with a nonchalant delivery
pessimism weakens me , turning over newer leaf
ruling over doobies with the power of an open fist
close the fist, how’d it come to this
kinda childish, spit gone come out, stick the tongue out
acting wildish, mind gone bug out, i’m gone cope this
get your shit together or your effort going hocuspocus
know i can’t stand you knowing that your losing focus

concept still spinning if its relevant its ticking
if your relevant your living
father jogging while your walking then your slothing
endgame in a coffin, endgame in a coffin

all the time in the worlds’s all the time in a second you can say it’s not true but the devil came from heaven