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oni inc. – help lyrics


wish me dead all you want
dead inside like 13 months
my depression it’s got the jump
& these pills, yeah, all of these pills, yeah
make me wanna die inside
cry every night to myself
why do i not get all this wealth
why do i feel like i’m in stealth mode
h-ll no
don’t need no help
only place left to go is up up up up & away
ain’t comin down for the rest of eternity
life got to real always hurtin me
my problems my own i was always burdening
f-ck all my feelings ain’t pertinent
certain some aspects in life are sh-t
pull the curtain behind lurkin is the devil in my head
want me dead
gimme meds so much is left unsaid

the best test, sh-t hits harder than a lesson learned
the stressin’ lessened by abusing brews and burning herb
that stainless steel fist punch you in your turned gut, bruh you a breathless mess
spurred the restlessness i felt when i was less than five
knowing that it’s all a lie
no shame in accepting we’re on borrowed time
so what’s the point
well the world is burning there’s no ointment and we robbed the joint
left a hollow bleeding husk where our home once was
deaf and swallowing these blessings all to muster up the joy that was promised
meditate for buddha
you k!ll ’em all for god
but it don’t get no press unless they praise yo boi alah
sponsored k!llers sport bullet proof vest that demand respect ’cause our freedoms they protect

[jayghost crownroyal]
they hit that liq in my head
ski mask & gloves
sawed off chrome snub
the f-ck you thought it was
tired of being nice cause people always take advantage
i’m about to riot out unleash & do damage
ran$om p-ss the magnum i’m ready to take action
roll the hater up throw the body in the atlantic
but still tho
i can kick your -ss with the steal toe
it’s all fun & games till the sh-t get real tho
when you all alone and it’s dark outside
know i’m in a stolen car & it’s parked outside
when the windows rolled down
& the eyes on fire
when your body hit the ground and you still burnt out
b-tches know you f-ckin with the wrong one
make you motherf-ckers regret it in the long run
& when i see you know i see & it’s on the son
this sh-t drastic at the end of the song son