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online romance – (she can) bus these tables alright lyrics


little sister with the cast and purple pendant, still
insisting that she could bus these tables alright. she’s
operating the fountain. little sister, oh my gosh, won’t
you be my defendant when i go to trial for all these
thoughts that i’m a-thinkin’ tonight, these thoughts of
climing the mountain? maybe i’m out of my mind, but i’m
adjusting the tension. her green shirt with the tiny
alligator on it look me in the eye! oh, look me in the
eye when you are p-ssing by with the water. at my table
on a napkin i’d compose a sonnet, but it would turn out
too lewd so i won’t go that far. i know she’s somebody’s
daughter. i think she’s out of my league, but i’ll still
bother to mention, ‘i’ve seen you in here on a number of
friday nights. i wonder what you’re doing when the
customers have all gone home. i wish i could go with you
after you’ve turned off all the lights…’ but nathan
told me yesterday he saw you down on se harrison with
some guy. i know i’ll miss her little cast and her purple
pendant. she’s sharper than any blades the dishwasher
handles in the back over the steam that keeps rising.
someone cued the jukebox to play the descendents. i can
tell she hears it as she’s sweeping out a salt & pepper
rack, and i’m just now realizing: i spent $6 on dinner
but i’ll still go home hungry.