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orkhan mirzesoy – butterflies lyrics


b+tterflies die — they live a day or two before they die — but they reproduce also
the cycle never finishes
just like us, we never accomplish the growth
we fall and die right after the thought of being a good person is assured
and keep growing until the death being an only option
an ever+changing process yet unalterably repetitive
that’s the nature of us mortals
we always try, never stop learning what makes us us
we always try to get better
always try to rejuvenate our tough skin
we bring hidden wounds to life to excavate the new ones deeper
we do not only try to bring things our past hold
but also take them to the future because the comfort that it gives is learned
we’ll always try
we’ll always lose
and we’ll always burn the hearts we think we couldn’t
we’re like b+tterflies
like the ones that flutter in our stomach
just like the ones that live and die and start all over again
we have to start again with what we’ve left in us
i’m here for us
i’m always within reach
i watch your growth as i watch mine and the sunless days that lead us to somewhere unknown
we have to walk into a gathering storm and leave some burdens behind
because remember
baggage in our shoulders is loaded, and we have two hands left to grip