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otm – cliff hanger lyrics


[verse: blue pesoss]
(he dissed the mussle and what happened that’s a cliffhanger)
i carry street sweeps and hit sticks
he dissed the mussle and what happened that’s a cliffhanger
let’s play ball in the field, i really blitz n+ggas
i see his brains on the wall, get the dispatcher
double deckers for a sneak disser talkin’
a gang of track runners, bullets finna hawk ‘em
we can’t f+ck with rats, snake or no possums
it’s doomsday, it’s dark coupes in that plaza
ninety+nine n+ggas beggin’ for these problems
a very bad day, he died in his impala
a sweepstakes, come and take a gamble
do he want it?
come and box wit’ it, show me how them stocks work
n+gga, you ain’t shot nothin’
quit the bluffin’, put them chops down
peek+a+boo, take a reach, n+gga i just chip swipers
how that n+gga gettin’ all that clout? he’s a d+ckrider
somebody wife my new roller, i just pimped on her
we too greedy for the dough, we pullin’ all nighters
this ain’t mma bro, we ain’t fist fightin’
n+ggas ain’t really what they say so do it really matter?
nah really it just mean he finna strip faster
gettin’ direspectful, see an opp, i’m finna spit on ‘em
chop’ made him do a summersault, and he flipped forward
i mean backwards, coming down, he’s a coward
backstabber or snitch talkin’, typa sh+t we don’t allow it
the stinc team, n+ggas know what’s goin’ on
you put a k after that, i’m droppin’ hundreds, blowin’ domes
the beef don’t try to postpone it, you don’t really want it
n+ggas keep on actin’ like they wit’ it, i’ma really show ‘em
rip to my opponent, he’s no longer
ain’t no happy endings, choppa had to blow him
drive it like it’s stolen, hit a hunnid, got the mud spillin’
ain’t no average joes, only k!llers and some thugs with us
a couple guns wit’ us, with extendos, who want smoke with us?
who that n+gga starin’? i don’t know, just another victim
red beams on street sweeps, you know we super villains
ain’t no peace treat’ with us once you make it official
i ain’t tryna talk, it ain’t beneficial
i’m paranoid, mama ask me why i’m grippin’ pistols
famous in the hood, i know n+ggas out there wanna chip me
you know i keep that sh+t on me, don’t be actin’ silly
don’t take a chance it’s risky, just know that we can take it there
soft ass n+gga, you still cuddlin’ with teddy bears?
pullin’ up in four dark coupes, we ain’t playin’ fair
i we doin’ some’ right, we hangin’ ‘round some millionaires
(i carry street sweeps and hit sticks)
(he dissed and what happened that’s a cliffhanger)
(let’s play ball in the field, i really blitz n+ggas)
(i see his brains on the wall, get the dispatcher)

[bridge: ayeeduffy]
i know we doin’ some’ right, n+gga
b+tch, i’m in my bag

just another day of f+ckin’ n+ggas over
i need some money, i just spent it all on blowers
you got your gun but you’ll probably pull it slower
got up on him, made him show us true emotion
cut the funny business, tough rappers runnin’ from us
bet we get up on him first, he say he comin’ for us
“them off the mussle n+ggas trippin’, think they up to somethin’”
i think this bummy n+gga mad ‘cuz he ain’t up there wit’ us
dancin’ on the scoreboard, i’m in love with winnin’
n+ggas g+y, if they ain’t gang then it’s f+ck them n+ggas
yeah this goofy n+gga talkin’ loud, but who guns is bigger?
you ain’t livin’ like that n+gga, is you done pretendin’?
this a heaven+sender, god know i can’t play wit’ n+ggas
try to run up on my whip i bet this drac’ gon hit him
want the money, i don’t want no conversation wit’ him
it’s just a shame that he broke, i don’t hate the n+gga
keep it player baby, we can kick it, i can’t save her
n+ggas weird, i ain’t doin’ n+ggas favors
he’s no longer, chop’ told him “see you later”
in a while crocodile, ripped him up like alligators
demons wit’ me, pitchforks up for haters
i be chillin’, i be tryna chase the paper
off the mussle, too greedy, we got all these n+ggas mad as f+ck
ain’t post no real money yet, i’m still addin’ it up
show these rappers what this sh+t supposed to look like
walk by his b+tch, drippin’ louie, made her look twice
seen that n+gga mean mugging, now he wanna lie
mad ‘cuz i’m hangin’ with some n+ggas he got booked by
you don’t got that sh+t on, you just look fly
ain’t sh+t happen overnight, this sh+t took time
say goodbye, n+ggas weak, n+ggas had they turn
i’m with some k!llers with more bodies than astroworld
i’m too greedy, why the f+ck would i be friends with n+ggas?
off the mussle, why the f+ck would i depend on n+ggas?
heavy steppin’ in my fit, this some expensive denim
n+ggas always actin’ like some b+tches, i don’t mix with n+ggas
door knockin’, forty+niner tryna strike for gold
i heard they askin’ ‘bout that body but n0body knows
he’s an average joe anyways bro, it doesn’t matter
7.62’s comin’ he won’t even see it happen
n+ggas know who runnin’ sh+t, let’s just keep it a hunnid
n+gga dissin’ on the gang, he kickin’ a bucket
independent n+ggas from the city, turn nothin’ to somethin’
for the win, it ain’t up for discussion
[outro: drakeo the ruler]
sh+t, you know the truth it’s undisputed
we ain’t going back and forth with marks, bloggers, posers
none of that, n+gga, yeah
it’s all that n+gga, yeah
all he heard was +fick fick fick fick+ on the playback, yeah n+gga
got his homies lookin’ dumbfounded
“bro why you say that?”
we know the truth