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over my dead body – breakaway lyrics


what we hold true
is this movement so close to my heart
not a fashion statement or the right to tear apart
others for the choices that they chose to make
violnt few follow the rules
play yourself into their hands
you made the choice to stand apart
but now you file into conformity
break away – from the pack
break away – f-ck this mold
empty slogans spill from your f-cking mouth
you haven’t really meant a word that you’ve said
f-ck this mold
we’re all different – not some stereotype
not fake gangsters – don’t believe the hype
ridiculed by the media – sansationlize
don’t accept it – combat the lies

what i love – and what is dragged through
i have no fear – the truth will shine through
a positive change – is what we need
judge a book it’s cover – ehat a boring read