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owen ovadoz – peter lyrics


owen : watch out lil bih
peter : watch out lil bih
owen : watch out lil hoe
peter : what you doing?

owen : just chillin just chillin same old day you know?
peter : yo you at ny right now?
owen : yeah it’s mad cold
peter : yo it’s sunny and warm la right now man

owen : as usual like why you talking why you talking like voice mail motherf-cker lol wtf
peter : you’re right you’re right you’re right
owen : aight so how’s how’s everything? how’s glendale?
peter : good my man life looks good tryna keep busy working on music tryna get girls to call me zaddy you already know lol how about you? staying busy?

owen : yeah i’m making an alb-m and uhm i made i made a lil special something for you sp-special glendale combo peter? where’s peter? i uh your uh special glendale combo came out with dr.pepper
peter : let me hear that sh-t
owen : right now?

peter : right now
owen : aight