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oxymoron – 21st century lyrics


let� gratify your inmost desires
click it on? that� all you must do
and right on your screen there� p-rno queens,
all the rest you� e dreamed of, too.
or check (out) the ultimative site where your need� satisfied
is this a brave new world for you
while there� the kkk and a(nother) fascist regime
lurking out there still next door

in their factory of lies (luck� for sale)
luck� for sale low price (luck� for sale)
trouble-free and multi-coloured
your chance, you wannabe
… this is the 21st century

(now) you can run free all fantasies
no more boundaries left for you
get off on all kinds of perverties
and a death cell web cam, too.
what a glorious life, it� so easy and safe
as anonymous voyeur
but it� all b-ll-cks to me i� like to smash my tv
let alone the ads they show

in their factory of lies
everything� so multi-coloured
a consumer� paradise
who thinks of poverty
21st century

in their factory of lies
future� bright and nice
harmless, clean and multi-coloured
if you wanna pay the price