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oxymoron – armageddon now lyrics


the day has come which was foretold in the revelation
what have you done? you’ve brought on the annihilation
with bombs and warmachines, with gas and reactor beams
your time is – up wake up and die

the case occured you never thought to ever happen
so we’ll all die for your all greedy acts and creations
it� been a grave mistake to take yourself for great
now you have to face the judgement day

chaos reigns, the m-ss freak out
come on, it’s the final hour called the armageddon
horror scenes you see around
witness now the vast breakdown – armageddon now

the world is dying, it was proclaimed and now it’s present
the seven sings get obvious but you never listened
we’ve all made up our minds to what will come someday
now watch your seed and wave good-bye

you didn’t pay attention to this admonition
the end is near, you’ve brought on the annihilation
with greed and reckless games you’ve caused the world’s decay
…wake up and die