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oxymoron – big mouth lyrics


your cult is dead, that磗 what i believe
but i have got no words of grief
it磗 gonna show now of what you磖e made
when the going gets tough the tough get going
while the rest keep on d-ck-blowing
cause any -rs-hole can pose a night

i磛e got an aim – honest and true o.k.
i磛e got a cause – pushing me on all day
no hippie f-ck mentality
cause in the real world dog eats dog anyway

mouth so big and -ss so tight
but no ounce of b-lls behind
it磗 a shame you walk upright
words don磘 hide hypocrisy
your true colours i can see
a real nightmare scenery

show time ?that磗 all you are to me
show time – heroes in fantasy

get down…
all your fuss won磘 help succeed
cos it cuts no ice with me
if something bothers you just turn away
you磖e just a fool…
you lack the punch and backbone needed
bending things if you can磘 beat them
yeah, just a boaster who磗 playing tough guy

i磛e got a faith – but not in what you say
i磛e got a feel – stronger than dynamite
i gotta choose the other way
cause your weird sh-t doesn磘 work out anyway