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oxymoron – dawn patrol lyrics


we’re standing in a pub, got nothing else to do.
a bottle in the hand, we knocked back yet a few.
when everyone was p-ssed, there wasn’t left a dime.
the blame was on the beer, that’s flowing really fine.

now now now, out of order.
now now now, beyond the border.
now now now, now we’re on the way.
dawn patrol, f-ckin’ wasted.
dawn patrol, we don’t please them.
dawn patrol, we roam ’til the dawn is gonna come.

then everything went wrong, we blame it on the beer.
the bouncers caught us up to throw us out of here.
a member of the gang was crashing on the floor.
because he tried to kick the bouncer in the b-lls.

when on the city’s border the night is coming on.
and all the people do withdraw into their secure homes.
then on the city’s border we’re going on patrol.
we’re setting out, go underground, to the avoided zone.

they really beat us up, but we were kicking back.
and in the end i said ‘you’re rotten in the head.
we made off fast but not for a long time yet back home.
because there were a lot of places left to roam.