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​billy woods – carpetbagger lyrics



olive drab army jacket linin’
that’s how i ride around shinin’ like the pope thermals undercoat, coins for the vote
forked road, i took both
frostbitten flurry snow past town
choked with black smoke
“no water needed,” said black folk
“we seeped it when them cracks show” [?]
exchange pounds, lit the dro
let it go ’round
they kept it movin’ twice as fast though

bombed out by dawn
long john [?]
hobo commando, rusty revolvers
haunted pianos, look out below
splash, cold water, wake up, don’t pray for us
those who face the sun
stared down through taco-sh-ll-colored eyes
i am not a [?] destined here by design
restless canaanite, fading light, shake the dice
rode the trip ’til that elevator cable pop
weightless faith like make a wish
[?] broken myth, [?] pbiscuit
tucked inside of a trench boot

serpentine roads, gabardine robes
in dreams, fire rose
wake to cold coals
cinders, ash, [?] gl-ss
pharaohs laugh behind death masks
panic rooms filled with cash
doors wide open, smash and grab
split the stash in sand dune shed, sour gas
cowards cower and let the final hour p-ss
no fiery lake, the craft of hate
left to his fate