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​brentalfloss – ghosts n’ goblins with lyrics lyrics


ghosts and goblins are comin’ for you tonight
they’re gonna get you
ghosts and goblins are gonna put up a fight
ya gotta get through
zombies and bats and dragons and that’s all
just to begin with, meanwhile you’re in your underwear
yes, that diaper there
so do beware ’cause they’ll try to bite your wiener!

deedle-dee dee, just stick with it
deedle-dee dee, it’s hard as sh-t!
deedle-dee dee, you’ll cry a bit
scoop, doobedy-dop, doo doo
the dead are comin’ for ya

you and your gal were having a bite at night
some kind of picnic?
that’s when satan abducted her out of sight
he’s such a d-ckl!ck
he’s gonna harm her, too bad your armor’s not even bird-proof
you’re gonna hurt dude
still and all, your duty calls, so grow some b-lls and
become a demon k!ller
you know this game’s a thriller

ghosts and goblins are
droppin’ it like it’s haunted on the dance flo’!
ghosts and goblins are
boppin’, you’re gonna want some freakin’ pants, yo!

keep going, arthur!
farther and farther
it’s worth the bother!
you are a star, sir!

yes, it’s hard
you will be scarred
and prob’ly charred
but, baby, that’s the way we’re playin’

ghosts and goblins are poppin’ their coffin tops
they’re glad to eat’cha
ghosts and goblins aren’t stoppin’ till until you drop
don’t let ’em beat’cha

satan is waitin’
go bifurcate him
come on, you gotta
don’t stop for nada
a happy ending is in sight!
ghosts and goblins are comin’ for you tonight!