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​grandayy – maybe i’ll play fortnite lyrics


[pewdiepie] maybe i’ll play fortnite
[elon musk] i deleted fortnite
[pewdiepe] what about super smash bros?
[waluigi] i won’t be in super smash bros
[pewdiepie] i’ll play skyrim
[todd howard] which skyrim?
[pewdiepie] you’re right so minecraft
[notch] oh, but i sold minecraft
[pewdiepie] guess i’ll play club penguin
[kowalski] r.i.p. club penguin
[pewdiepie] then i’ll play half-life 3
[gaben] i cannot count to three
[pewdiepie] okay, then it’s runescape 3
[jamtex] we destroyed runescape 3

i have an idea!
i should just play the witcher 3
it has very good quests
and also gwent
geralt is the most handsome
character in gaming
and also
ea are bad