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​guccihighwaters & grievingseason. – ​the true part of me lyrics


it’s the way you said it, i caught feelings
when you’re gone baby, life is not appealing
close my eyes, the best time is when i’m dreaming
you’re always in my head, and it’s revealing
the true part of me, please don’t start with me
it’s been goin smooth, spending time on qualities
comes with benefits, but it ain’t always happy
ideas in my skull drive me crazy, if you ask me

i know u have feelings well i do too
imma keep them safe until i’m in the tomb
every night in my dreams you come and visit me
protecting me from the reaper that is teasing me

baby i’ve been singing sad songs everyday
put that on my life i’m not okay
it k!lls me knowing you don’t feel the same
(feel the same)
about me
and all the lying never mattered
you can keep my heart
(you can keep my heart)
i guess it just gets hard for me to
put it back together when we fall apart
(when we fall apart)

i know you have feelings, well i do too
when i close my eyes, all i see is you
take me back to a time
when i was yours and you were mine
baby please come find me
please come find me
(please come find me)