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​heroine diaries – addicted to the drugs & sadness lyrics


[verse 1: pink cig]
pull up bags full of drugs cause this sh-t to me feel like it’s more of a hobby
some kids collecting some rocks i’m collecting these pills and ain’t no one gone stop me
pull with pretty lil thotties we pop em together and then they gone top me
shawty i been dead inside for a very long time i’m a muf-ckin zombie
i been so f-cked up, yeah
i been cold too much
i be so f-cked

[verse 2: heroine diaries]
blacked out feeling nauseous i’m
blacked out feeling cautious
why every time that you high you say you love me now
high as f-ck rolling off molly dying slowly now
kids don’t do drugs yeah
don’t f-ck up yeah
you’ll be like me
you won’t be free

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