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​iotosh – night stroll lyrics


verse one, yeah

[verse 1]
family struggling, thinking about money incentives
got some cash, thinking bout saving but it’s better i spend it
cause a hundred bucks ain’t gon’ make a difference in our lives
can’t pay school fees; can’t pay the bills, neither water nor light
i tried to get a job at the supermarket
but grown men be packing bags there, man
they already got ’em
no druggies in my ‘hood, so no drugs for the moving
only thing i see left is to try to make it work through music

a young bredda like me, only seventeen
making beats, writing lyrics, keeping real
tryna achieve my dreams
but it ain’t realistic; the fakes make the list and the realest get rubbed off paper, leave a smudge like it’s lipstick
man, i need to make it
staying real all the way, no faking
no playing around, i’m done with gaming
man, i keep slaying
on this long journey, at some point there’s a toll to pay
i pray, my soul to keep, oh lord i say, ay

keep me going on, i pray; i’m on a roll
keep me going on this straight, narrow road
and even though out here can get ever so cold
keep me safe and guide me, on my night stroll

[verse 2]
don’t even know what i want to do with my life yet
to be honest, i keep wondering if my mindset
will cause my own demise, mummy say “migrate”
cause everything comes at a price, and tax is at a high rate
but i’d rather tough it out, stay with my people
and if it ends badly, i’d ride through it all like i’m a vehicle
mi know di risk, mi know it hard inna di city
but no pity like yosemite sam if di natty life get gritty
cause mi nuh sickly

i’ll always find a way to strive and prosper, mi a nuh fool
mi have street smarts, plus mi acquire knowledge inna school
and mi have mi talents, just have to put them to good use
i have to become successful, i have way to much to prove
and if it’s to become an artiste or a producer, then let it be
i’ll get deep in my works, deep like the roots of a tree
and uproot anything that stands in my way, or my vicinity
cause i’m destined to be great, from ’98 to infinity, boom


keep me going on i pray, i’m on the road
keep me going, keep me going on
this night stroll, it’s really cold