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​nothing,nowhere. – ​klonopin lyrics


motorola razor, keep that sh-t on my waist
haven’t felt alive since 2008
time goes on and we start to get older
swear that i’ma die with this chip on my shoulder
saw myself turn into somethin’ i hate
told you that i’d stay but then i drifted away
i’d apologize but i don’t know what to say
i can’t feel a thing, it’s not your fault either way

and she wanna call me
tell me bout her day
but i got like 88 things on my mind
and i’m not even listening
and she don’t deserve that
and i don’t deserve this
seems like the only time i can feel anything is when i’m nervous

i told you once, i told you twice
you try to run, you try to hide
but it’s gonna hit you like ooh
cause i been up and i been down
but every time i think i’m fine this feeling gon’ find me like yeah
know i’m hard to love cause i been numb
i swear to god i needed this
i needed you and i still do
and this klonopin is all up in my veins
it numbs the pain
it keeps me sane
but i can’t feel a thing