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pac div – for you lyrics


“for you”

[verse 1: like]
i know we wasn’t what you looking for
but when you see us it’s like how much is y’all booking for
guess we ain’t turn out as corny as you took us for
you probably want us begging pennies out the liquor store
it’s been a long time, feel like a slow grind
but sure enough the label stumbled on this gold mine
was either that or sit up in the unemployed line
now we on and everybody want a joy ride
d-mn homie, you told me don’t rhyme
you see a n-gg- in the magazine you cosign
you say we too soft
we tell you screw off
we’ll pick that grammy up in no time

i feel like i need to be congratulated
for all the bullsh-t that i’ve been through
i feels good knowing that you hate it
that’s why i wrote this song for you
for you, for you, for you, for you
that’s why i wrote this song for you
for you, for you, for you, for you
that’s why i wrote this song

[verse 2: mibbs]
guess what i did? (what’s that?)
i told my boss i quit
when my check comes you better have my sh-t (ooo!)
i stood atop my desk blew the officer kisses
told bret from accounting you can suck my d-ck
congratulations, that’s right people, yes i did
waited my whole life for a day like this
so next time you see me i’ll be on my sh-t
i got a whole lot of folks to scribble off my list
like hoes that did me wrong
n-gg-s that dissed my songs
and other miscellaneous sh-t i don’t condone
in the hollywood zone where everybody’s a clone
pac div stands alone, it’s on!


[verse 3: beyoung]
congratulations i heard you got a new man and county job
still at your parents house plus you drive his audi car
went from k-mart to vicky secret catalogs
v.i.p. everywhere you go the cameras are. yup
i heard you treat the market like the red carpet
next to the eggs and the high heels with your hair parted
polluted minds just die getting fed garbage
you take pride and drive n-gg-s off the edge darling
and yet still we ain’t mad at ya
it’s clear to see that your -ss backwards
auctioned off when these n-gg-s throw their cash at you
yor brain gone, but your -ss fatter

[hook x2]