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par. – boxed in lyrics


this is a feature presentation of the american-indian hypernationalist -ssociation, formerly, just me. and i’m on some erik k!llmonger sh-t except, you know, if erik k!llmonger were a f-cking brahmin with privilege. i f-ck with that sh-t right now, let’s go

f-ck a “be you” hip-hop artist; i flow the hardest
in a city where a beat goes harder than all the bar is
jokers move aside the minute they’re about to die
and i go flaunt and taunt how i want
d-mn. don’t ever let a cracker wack-up, touch the sound i made up
still got thoughts of how they played us
go bust. robust
they l-st almast.
i write my bars on a blade all worn
use the mind of a pen and the might of a sword
take a koh-i-noor, f-ck the queen who rules
better give it back. no deal, no truce
how the f-ck do you motherf-ckers idolize fools
who raped and pillaged and turned us inna fools
cross bearing motherf-ckers tell me how to live
ain’t no room for you or your god in my biz
uh. yeah. got it. got it
uh, yeah, on it, on it
uh, yeah, man i bought it, bought it
uh, yeah, man i want it, want it
ain’t about religion, don’t think i’m about to sin soon
don’t believe in god, but i’mma die a hindu
sh-t in my blood, i ain’t about to transfuse
get the f-ck out if you think i’m about to cast you

hit me up now, i’m balling
(man, i’m balling, boy)
get me up now i’m wilding
(man, i’m wilding)
get it up, now. i’m all in
(man, i’m all in, motherf-cker)
can’t erupt now. man i’m boxed in
(sh-t i’m boxed in)

indo chain cross ball on a street
think your fam duped by the cross industry
cuz you see, you see, you for sure converted
your brown, not gold, that sh-t all blurred in
no disrespect, it’s just how they got you
gave a lil money and that’s how they bought you
if you think back (back), your religion’s all star
take a look at what they did to a country all involved
and i keep thinking bout this indo futurism
if we ain’t so sh-tty, we could k!ll em in a schism
king had malcolm, panther had erik
but gandhi got me with the national hysterics
they change ah history just to say they boss
they took our misery just to say they cost
gold recognition for a country in submission
i’m 5 years gone, not one recognition




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