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par. – overload lyrics


[intro: nineesha]
there’s no control
and so i roam
this road alone
my soul’s overload

[verse 1: par.]
i got pain in my eyes, blood on my face
it was murder she wrote, televising me in my place
angels and demons circle around me
so i look into my phone for my soul, think someone else took it
so i’m off, mind boggled up in two divisions
do i do me or hold tradition?
i told my father imma go n get it
so he told me son you better k!ll it

now i’m closer, and closer, and closer to these deals
i see, myself, in a world, concealed
my soul, is lost, inside thesе algorithms
and i’m tryin my hardest jussa get back on my rhythm but i’m

numb to the pain, i’m donе with it all
summer leads to autumn where i’ll only fall
done wi these games, i can’t run at all
i don’t feel like playin, i just need a pause

[hook: nineesha]
there’s no control
and so i roam
this road alone
my soul’s overload

[verse 2: par.]
pounding in my chest, sh+t i’m getting stressed
how much time i got? no, i cannot rest
breathe a little bit, through my pulmonaries
fire in my eyes, oh it’s lookin scary so i
bring it back to the city that adopted me (atlanta)
all outside the palace filled with people tryna follow me
all eyes on me filled wi mockery
they drivin up the current now this sh+t is really shocking me

and i cannot stop, overloaded i pop
overloaded i breathe, overloaded i need
to get my mind up on top, but i’m chained to this rock
and i try to escape, but my shackles are locked

in this land of opportunity
proving sh+t to no one just to show they can not screw with me
resurrect my soul that was trapped inside a eulogy
life is such a gift and this present tense renewing me, yet i feel i’m losing me

[hook: nineesha]