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passionate mc – microphone lyrics



[verse 1: p-ssionate mc]

too many bodies with no heart
so many portraits and landscapes, but no art
i’m straight vexed, the sith lord
with an order 66 for any clique that hates next
i hate stress, fake n-ggas that say ”yes”
and (rapping/wrapping) around you little pr-cks like latex
g-y press, record industry handing you pay checks
f-ck that, im grinding from the bottom to the apex
label execs raping their artists like betrayed s-x
as if the direction was alright, when it strayed left
after my every breath is my paid debt
to hold that mic, i shed blood and break sweat
running from life won’t escape death
but i’m selling hip hop a lot more knowing that i’ll make less
i place threats like i play chess
flawless, and ahead of you by two hundred great steps
i think faster, my visual lyrical scenes
outlast your digital screen captures
i’m giving you the original re-mastered
critical dreams? cynical dreams see past it
too many actions don’t follow what those preach
so many rappers can see the stars, but won’t reach
this definetely destiny preciously
pleasuring next to me , yes, it is extasy
i see the ingredients of my life’s recipe
reckoning ing*nius weaponry restlessly
immediate energy streaming excessively
exceeding previous measurings of heating intensity
is leading the tedious legacy, seeded impressively
essentially the devious reason i’m speaking impeccably
too many suns, not enough planets
too many sitting on their -ss cause they can’t stand it
you can’t deny the shine of pro status
it’s the color of light, everybody (knows/nose) white like c0ke addicts
ain’t a rapper want to fight with this
cause i’m the f-cking reason on the mic exists
i’mma rip this track that flips back
like a gifted spaz that hits crack
in the pitch black blinding the enviorment with rap
you probably think it’s a question when i’m saying it’s (wwitch/which) craft
too many tell lies like they hide secrets
too many make a promise when they can’t keep it
you had no choice, i was asked to live
now i can actualize your your dreams with an adjective (p-ssionate)
i trained just to master this
what do you know of twelve hours of practising?
battling the conditions without stopping
losing oxygen to the point you knock yourself out unconscious
then waking up back for more, that’s what i practice for
hip-hop will never see my p-ssion fall
(nah) i promise it, court is now in session
so before you can say my name, you have put ”your honor” in
i’m bringing the best of rhythms, the lyricism of judge dread
in my backyard i’ll leave a mothaf-cking thug dead
crushed head by the power tools, i’ll devour dude
just to give you a new meaning of (bloodshed/blood shed)
not to mention i’m a true nerd
expanding my vocab would call for the invention of new words
superb development of the sk!ll
in utilizing entire english dictionaries at will
mentally, technically i’m sicker than any enemy
this century recieving neural therapy electrically
flipping the fastes felony lyrics across this melody
and wiping out every memory, by the use of telepathy
defeat the odds when my rhymes flow
i could spit a verse that’ll turn every african, albhino
bars i’m reciting for free
yetis got an entire cave dedicated to the sightings of me
so picture that in progress
man, i body (rap/wrap) like the mummification process
prospects streamed from from a higher conscious
alligned to my mind designed by extraterrestiral concepts
thus, i’m complex
centered in the convexive content written in context
so respect, i demand to have it
i worked hard to achieve everything that you were handed f-ggot
i’m all of what you should’ve been
i’m rocky balboa after adrian advocated he ”couldn’t win”
through the tears, through the fears, through the suffering
victirious in the fifteenth round against the russian
”no pain, no gain”, i’m goin’ the distance
this very instance to prove any visions can make the globe change
to the golden age of hip hop again
and with nothing to lose, i can only opt to win
my heart’s in this, no one can stop this sh-t
i’m dropping the exact opposite of the apocalypse
i could eat a bowl of alpha-bits
and sh-t out harder lyrics than what you n-ggas have got to spit
the voice of the primetime, from the east coast
with joey, joell, and royce da 5’9
monster with the (inc/ink) mike & sully knows this
i even get respect in the west where everybody backs ”crooked” like
scoliosis, spitting atrocious, devotions
getting ugly when the brain in my skully is focused
for one-hundred bar verses
while everybody sleeps, i’m at the drawing board working
they wonder why? well, you’d understand
if you were the only dog ”reading rainbows” like levar burton
since you believe ” what comes up, must go down”
explain to me why i’m in f-cking outtersp-ce floating around