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pat green – john wayne and jesus lyrics


i met john wayne and jesus when i was just a kid
they both had on their cowboy hats just like i’d pictured them
i stood up at the front of the cl-ss waving my american flag
i said the pledge, sang amber waves of grain

and(but) i sing all the songs of america
danced in the rain in lafayette
i’m still hanging out with john wayne and jesus
and i know this is good as life can get

well, i had big time when i was down in houston
well, i fell in love and moved out to new orleans
well, she said so long, now i’m here all alone
she’s still got a little bitty piece of me


well john wayne and jesus moved out to hollywood
workin’ behind the scenes on mtv
me i’m standing right down here in texas
and i know that’s where i was always meant to be