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patrick polzin – sister lyrics


[verse 1: trofee]
girl, when i’m with you
she’s always looking at me, she want it too
d-mn, i see what she trying
and i might be buying
especially if her sister is
the one that’s supplying

[chorus: trofee]
i’m in love with her sister
she asking, she teasing she teasing
she giving me reason
i’m in love with her sister
she got it, she know it she know it
and i’m kinda hoping she show
i’m in love with her sister

[verse 2: polzin]
when i met this girl, i won’t lie
wanted to be her man, wanted to be her guy
caught her eye and i tried to say hi
but she just looked away and walked on by
now she talk to people, found out i do music
and now she coming back like a thought when you lose it
and now its time to play hard to get
i know the game and that’s part of it
when she took me home with her that started it
but when i saw her sister, my heart, it split
mona lisa piece of art i gotta get, d-mn


[verse 3: polzin]
i tried my best to be good, but she was better
but i never fought it too hard, mean you can’t fight it forever right?
her sister would act innocent and all considerate
and when they talked about s-x and sh-t she’d play she wasn’t into it
soon as she left, her sister would become another person
it got worse when i started to encourage all the flirtin’
but i’m not hurting, i don’t have to decide
‘caue her sister doesn’t mind being a secret on the side