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patrickfishhhh – hey pat, she’s never heard you rap before lyrics


[verse 1: pfish]
ok so going off the dome cause that’s that suicide in syracuse
yes ill f-ck and chuck but honey i won’t ever marry you
took her back to her place put a sock up on the door
now her roommate outside yelling why’d you lock the f-cking door
she was gon leave us alone until she heard my name moaned
and now she busting out her key and then she busting through the door
she tried to introduce us i said no we met before
she said oh, took off her clothes, and then you know i f-cked em both
cause the styles on point, pun, i got it all at target
cheaper but look cleaner than mr. miyagi’s car is
stunt on a bargain, blunt go n spark it
money go to fun when it ain’t spent at the market
now exes sending texts and saying hey i want you back pat
yeah right. i ain’t got time for that cr-p
i just got the time to lay her on her back flat
and double up the condoms
better yet a hazmat
then get higher than mariah when she sing before the jingle bells
like i scored scores of snort from the tinker bell
i just ask if you bring it better bring it well
cause you know if i take your ting then she don’t need to tell
don’t tell em, don’t tell em
chewing on that peanut b-tter, hoes so jelly
pb well she, didn’t tell me
but quick to spread her legs
for the bread might as well be
minute she be tweeting grand that she need a man
i fly away and never the name is peter pan
and if i’m peter pan then these my motherf-cking lost boys
you ain’t high all the time? f-cking get lost boy
get lost, chance the rapper voice
they at a loss, the mad patters back at it boy
orange juice and adderall in the attic boy
highly concentrated
jokes aside, your sp-rs-ly headaches aside
i’m harley ready to ride
you must be ready to die
no biggie, it’s just that i
lyrically bust in eyes
hear it coming or not
the fear in you is alive
now let it drop, let it drop
this the type of sh-t me and my friends do every night
just get super high and then they tell me spit some rhymes
what’s your name? we haven’t met. oh me? me i’m sublime
then rhyme her name with something do it twice if she’s a dime
then she be amazed how come you don’t ever write p
oohh i think she like me, ooh i think she like me
can you put this on a playlist? i really really like it
are you ever gone be famous? b-tch i might be
b-tch i might be, b-tch i might. sh-t
try to serve me best believe that imma spike it
throwing out the offer know she gonna ride it
i’d make a dike chick like d-ck after i hit
sh-t that was offensive, never meant it. spit deliriously
she was kinda shocked but then still looking at me curiously
she said what are you? i said a rapper. she said seriously
i said kinda sorta we don’t take ourselves to seriously
i’m not really trying to do something with significance
bottom line, there needs to be a voice for college ignorance
if you’re a little spiteful, that these dudes ain’t insightful
then get up off your high horse remember we’re just kids again

[verse 2: dollar billiam]
yo here we go
i don’t need no hoe
telling me you can’t flow

it be dollar billiam and you know i’m bout to k!ll i’m
dr evil type of villain
pinky up i want a million
pinky up i want a billion
pinky up i want a trillion
said my name is dollar billiam
pinky up i want a zillion

yo here we go
i said z-o-o
yo here we go