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paul kelly the messengers – stories of me lyrics


paul kelly (mushroom)
ever since you said goodbye
i’ve had a reputation
i’m not drinking on the sly
i’m the star attraction
every morning i wake up
fill my cup and listen bitterly
to stories of me
they say a man is going ’round
he looks a lot like me
they say that man is going down
it’s looking pretty likely
every morning he wakes
fills his cup and listens shamefully
to stories of me
everybody come on down
set ’em up and p-ss ’em round
we’re all here for a drowning
i was down at baker’s hall
i heard somebody talking
that’s the last thing i recall
then my mind went walking
i woke up with a heavy head
on a hard bed trying to believe
these stories of me
yeah i woke up in a stranger’s bed
wondering about the things she said to me
these stories of me