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paul oakley – i have come to love you lyrics


i have come to love you,
for you have won my heart
when you revealed your love to me.
my life will be a witness
of such love and such forgiveness,
for you have given me your peace,
and you’re everything i need.

i love to sing your name,
to speak about your fame,
you’re worthy of my praise.
i long to worship you
in spirit and in truth,
it’s all i want to do.

you have come to love me
and heal my broken heart,
now i am reaching out to you.
your strength is in my weakness,
i’m clinging to your promise,
so let your work in me shine through
in everything i do.

as i come before you now,
let your spirit touch me;
i will make this gospel known.
fill me with your love and power
and your comp-ssion,
through me let your kingdom come.