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paul wall – people’s champ lyrics


i’m not the type that likes to think about the time i was broke
and reminiss how everybody thougt my rhyme was a joke
i played it fair while complet-tors were buying their votes
but thats life , i ain’t cryin’ i cope.
they talk about i owe them something
but they the ones holdin me back
they the same people bringin me down
thats why everytime i hop up on the mic it ain’t no holdin me back
watch i’ll show y’all the meaning of clown until i’m under the grind
they gonna disrespect and slander my name it takes more than a strong mind to handle the fame
i walk a narrow path in this broad skandless game.
if you ain’t got no unbrella don’t stand in the rain
it gets deep , boyz losin they life cause of they rappin