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peabo bryson – i wish you love lyrics


for those of us
who will be alone tonight
i hope you find a love.
and if you got somebody in your life,
than be glad you got a love.


don’t let the games that people play.
distroy the dream your dreaming of.
you got to keep your head.
gotta to find the thing your searching for.


i really hope and pray
someone will be there
you should fall
was i suppose to fall.

i wish you love
really wish you love.

there’s a evil wind,
blowing all around us
and it blows bitter love.


a generation coming after us.
i know there find better love.


don’t let the wrong thing come.
distroy the dream your dreaming of.
we’ve only just begun


to find the thing we searching for.
i pray the day will come
heaven reveal all who they lost
lord i hope and pray
and thou we’ll worlds apart.

i wish you love
really do
i really wish you love.

rejoice in love, every morning
before you rise
and if the sun refuse to shine.
believe in his word
and heed his warning
he’s on your side
if it’s day or night
even if you wrong or right


i’ll reach out a helping hand,
something to cling too
if you shoud fall.
well i been throught it all.

i wish you love
i really do
i really wish you love

ohhhh, no, ohh

there’s an angel.
watching over us.
and he died because of love.

(ayy ayyy)

you believe in his word, and learn to trust.
i know you’ll find the greatest love.
greatest love.

than you will understand,
that it’s not a dream you’re dreaming of
this is the hope of man,
thing that we been searching for.

love him the best you can
he always be there.
if you should fall
summer, winter, spring or fall

i wish you love.
i really do.
i really wish you love.

(ohh noo ohh)

all my sisters my brothers.
i really wish you love.
i wish for you baby
wishing you love
my sister my brothers
ohh yeahh..