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pelo – is this love or a game? lyrics


verse 1

is this love or a game?

i feel frightened
i wanna be yours, but im afraid i might lose you
i gave up my brokenheart n scared soul. hoping i’ll be safe in your arms
im afraid to say i feel unsafe even with you on my side
i get doubts about this whole thing
im afraid to give you my heart because it might not be safe as i feel unprotected

i try to pull you close you but you push me away so hard
my frustrations causing me to hit the wall with my fist
im lost, im frustrated,im confused
i got hundreds of questions with no answers
im now hoping to get answers but from who?
it can’t be me because already lost in love

why do i keep loving you when you always dissapoint n hurt me
why do i keep trusting you when you giving enough reasons not to trust you
why does it always have to be me who put on too much effort on this thing

im confused n curious to know