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people under the stairs – dr. feelgood lyrics


[verse 1: double k]
young, black and proud but plenty to live for
toast up or roll up, turn the beat up more
i thank god that i’m living, another day given
my ambition is somehow to make a difference
through the way that i talk, a negative to positive
beats, rhymes and life, that’s the way that i live
it could have been death row, it could have been skid
the city i come from get vicious like sid
i feel good and never take sh-t for granted
and everyday feels like the mothership landed
we all on the one like a crash in the k
got the kids all smiling, magician trick
promoter payout and we landing safe
another time, another day and we all embrace
like the homies in the hood let me make it overstood
every minute that you breathe and ride on it feel good

“he’s the one they call doctor feelgod
he’s the one that makes you feel all right”

[verse 2: thes one]
today i woke up and saw the sun shining through
jumped up and took a hot shower, made me feel brand new
like when i was a kid and swinging on the rope swing
let go, merced river, yosemite camp fiend
in lower pines, i lower rhymes
like vines in slower times
split limes of pacifico cause life’s not so difficult
if you can just let go of the typical
cr-p and free your mind and just align with our rap
so now we been around the world and made the people say “aw sh-t”
to free your mind of hardship and let your psyche unzip
and open up and hug someone
the most powerful drug is fun
and fully free to fund dmc, rap music enthuse it, we abuse it
the p keep it going so that you can never lose it
the usa tradition, it’s rap abolition
so free your mind and find yourself a half-full position
cause we be the doctor